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Clear Machine

Clear Machine
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Clear Machine
Droghe Depuratore drogenscreening Prova


Get a cleanup!!! The refreshing carbohydrate mixer dissolves in water.

Avoid spicy food, alcohol and other toxines at least 3 days before you use Clear Machine. In addition, drink daily at least 3 liters of liquids that do not dehydrate or purge. Diabetics, pregnant woman and persons suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) should consult a physician before the use of Clear Machine.

How to drink
  • 1. In order to get a perfect refreshing result don't consume anything except half a liter water one hour before you drink Clear Machine.
  • 2. Fill half the bottle with lukewarm water, close the bottle and shake it strongly until the powder has resolved.
  • 3. Fill up the rest of the bottle with water and shake again.
  • 4. Drink the prepared Clear Machine. Afterwards drink half a liter of water.
  • 5. Perfect refreshing results reached in approx. one hour in combination with 2-3 urinations.

Warning: This drink should not be used before medical examinations, eg Drug screenings. It could destort the results.


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Ohne Titel

5 su 5 stelle
da Tom su 31/10/06

Des zeug is der hammer hab es selber getestet und hat geholfen!

Ohne Titel

5 su 5 stelle
da smudo su 09/12/02

Habs probiert und für gut befunden :-) Also mir hat es geholfen wieder richtig "ablagerunsfrei" zu werden. Hab mich genau an die Anleitung gehalten und keine Probleme gehabt. Viel Glück!

Ohne Titel

5 su 5 stelle
da b.o.z.z su 29/05/11

man sieht also nix oder ist das nur für bestimmte oder reinigt es alle sachen,...

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